theo.café - Creating a must-have agency, building a podcast empire with Matthieu Stefani from Cosavostra, GDIY

If you listen to business podcasts, you've probably already heard his voice. Matthieu Stefani is one of the pioneers of French podcasting. His podcast Generation Do It Yourself is one of the most listened to every week, by hundreds of thousands of listeners. In this episode, he shares everything about his entrepreneurial journey, his agency and the many podcasts he has created to propel the CosaVostra brand. Full of learnings if you're interested in podcasting and how an agency works. -- Useful links: - His LinkedIn - Her Twitter - CosaVostra's website - Generation do It Yourself website -- To subscribe to my newsletter : theomarechal.com -- Good listening ❤️ --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/theocafe/message