théo.café - How to set up as a freelancer with Alexis Minchella of Tribu Indé

Welcome to another episode of theo.café.

Today, I am very happy to welcome Alexis Minchella, freelance copywriter, host of the Tribu Indé podcast and author of the book Freelance : l'aventure dont vous êtes le héros published by Eyrolles, which will be released on January 14th.

In this episode, Alexis will share with us all his tips on how to become a freelancer, how to establish yourself as a freelancer and how he managed to create a community around Tribu Indé.

He will also share with us the process of reflection that he had around the writing of his book, as well as reveal some of his future projects.

If you're interested in freelancing, this episode will convince you to take the plunge. And if you've never been interested, this episode will also convince you to take the plunge.


- Alexis' book : Freelance, l'aventure dont vous êtes le héros

- His Twitter

- His LinkedIn

- His Instagram

- Tribu Indé's website


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