théo café with Yoann Lopez - How to create a paid newsletter? Personal finance, Content creation, No-Code

New episode of theo.café !

Today I'm hosting Yoann Lopez, the CMO of Comet and creator of Snowball, a personal finance newsletter.

In this podcast we talk about personal finance, but also about how to create a paid newsletter as well as the levers to make acquisition with LinkedIn in particular.

Lots of interesting things to discover in this podcast, I hope you'll enjoy it!

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To find Yoann :

- His newsletter Snowball

- His Linkedin

- his email : yo@yoann.co


- https://www.lewagon.com/fr

- YOLO Report

- Substack

- https://www.gdiy.fr/

- Farnam Street

- https://waitbutwhy.com/

- First Round Review

- Mr Money Mustache

- The Diff

- https://europeanstraits.substack.com/

- the Martingale

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