theo.café with Julien Dutheil-Corbioli - Going it alone in the United States at the age of 20, and creating a brand that generates nearly €1M

Today I'm hosting Julien Dutheil-Corbioli, the founder of Natura Wellness.

Julien has a rather atypical profile as he left to conquer the US, alone, at 20 years old.

After many experiences there, he came back to France to create his brand of superdrinks.

This year, he and his small team are approaching one million in sales.


Episode Resources:

- Natura Wellness website: https: //natura-wellness.com

- His Insta: @julien_d.c

- His email : julien.dutheil9@gmail.com

- Natura Wellness insta: @natura_wellness

- The Facebook : @NaturaWellness

- Outliersby Malcolm Gladwell

- Master's degree in Innovation and Entrepreneurship

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